Life is just a game essay

Life is just a game essay

Mar 24,  · Life is a Game. The rest is a game: a series of events to see how far we can get on our journey towards an ideal. Though we may do creative work, build our character, and complete mundane tasks, the end result is the same: we leave this world with nothing to take with us. However, we leave a resonance behind us: the memories of our actions, discussions, and work/5. The Game of life or also known as LIFE is a board game that focusses on real life situations that people face in their lives. It is basically a stimulation of a person life and the choices that they make during it. The Game of life or also known as LIFE is a board game that focusses on real life situations that people face in their lives. It is basically a stimulation of a person life and the choices that they make during it. This is a game is recommended for the ages of nine and up.

We have one life and we should make the most of it. However, is life just for mere play? This belief ignores or denies the Divine, and any form of Divine accountability. This is the crisis of a secularised mind, you can believe in God and religious values, but will practically ignore the implications of these beliefs in your life.

This type of person has a de-compartmentalised mind, on occasion they hold on to some religious or spiritual ideas usually at a funeral, when they lose their job or when their partners decided to move on , but most of their lives is premised on: you only live once, so make the most of it.

This article will focus on the existential implications of believing life is just a game. Ignoring or denying God and any Divine accountability leads to an existential nightmare. Rationally speaking, holding on to such views, leads to absurd conclusions known as argumentum ad ignoratium. When you play a game, you either win or lose, and then you eventually die; game over. This irrational and unintuitive view on life is not simply a worldview that exists in a bubble.

If its claims are true, then one would have to make some inevitable existential conclusions that are very bleak.

Under this view, life is ludicrous. The formula is simple: denying or ignoring God, Divinely given purpose and accountability equals no ultimate hope and no true happiness as well as many other things, but I have a word limit. Hope is defined as the feeling or expectation and desire for something to happen.

We all hope for good lives, good health and a good job. Ultimately, we all hope for an immortal blissful existence.

Life is just a game essay

Life is such an amazing gift that no one really wants his or her conscious existence to end. Similarly, everyone desires that there will be some form of ultimate justice where wrongs can be made right, and the relevant people will be held accountable. Significantly, if our lives are miserable, or experience pain and suffering, we hope for some peace, pleasure and ease. This is a reflection of the human spirit; we hope for light at the end of the dark tunnel, and if we have tranquillity and joy, we want to keep it that way.

Since believing life is just a game denies or disregards Divine accountability, it also rejects or ignores the concept of an afterlife. Without that, there can be no hope of pleasure following a life of pain.

Therefore, the expectation for something positive to happen after our lives is lost. Under this view we cannot expect any light at the end of the dark tunnel of our existence. Imagine you were born in the third world and spent your whole life in starvation and poverty. According to this worldview, you are merely destined for death. Contrast this with the Islamic perspective: all instances of suffering that happens in our lives are for some greater good.

Therefore, in the larger scheme of things, no pain or suffering we undergo is meaningless. God is aware of all our sufferings, and He will provide recompense and reprieve.

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However, according to the belief that life is just a game, our pains are just as meaningless as our pleasure. The immense sacrifices of the virtuous and the distress of the victim are all falling dominoes in an indifferent world. They happen for no greater good and no higher purpose. There is no ultimate hope of an afterlife or any form of happiness. Even if we lived a life of pleasure and immense luxuries, most of us would inevitably be doomed to some form of evil fate or an incessant desire for more pleasure.

“Life is Just a Game”:A Hopeless and Unhappy Worldview

The pessimist philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, aptly described the hopelessness and ill fate that awaits us:. So it is that in our good days we are all unconscious of the evil fate may have presently in store for us—sickness, poverty, mutilation, loss of sight or reason…No little part of the torment of existence lies in this, that Time is continually pressing upon us, never letting us take breath, but always coming after us, like a taskmaster with a whip.

If at any moment Time stays his hand, it is only when we are delivered over to the misery of boredom…In fact, the conviction that the world and man is something that had better not have been, is of a kind to fill us with indulgence towards one another. Under believing life is just a game, justice is an unachievable goal—a mirage in the desert of life.

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Since the afterlife is ignored or denied, any expectation of people being held to account is futile. Consider Nazi Germany in the s. An innocent Jewish lady who just saw her husband and children murdered in front of her has no hope for justice when she is waiting for her turn to be cast into the gas chamber. Although the Nazis were eventually defeated, this justice occurred after her death.

Life is just a game essay

Under this ludicrous worldview she is now nothing, just another rearrangement of matter, and you cannot give reprieve to something that is lifeless. Islam, however, gives everyone hope for pure Divine justice. No one will be treated unfairly and everyone shall be taken to account,.

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  • They will not be wronged. The belief that life is just a game is like a mother giving her child a toy and then taking it back for no reason. Life, without a doubt, is a wonderful gift.

    The Game of Life Essay

    Yet any pleasure, joy and love we have experienced will be taken away from us and lost forever. Since this worldview denies or ignores the Divine and the hereafter, it means that the pleasures we have experienced in life will disappear. There is no hope of a continuation of happiness, pleasure, love and joy.

    However, under Islam, these positive experiences are enhanced and continued after our worldly life,. The pursuit of happiness is an essential part of our human nature. But happiness is ultimately an end, not a means. It is the final destination, not necessarily the journey. We all want to be happy, so we endlessly seek ways to help us achieve that final happy state.

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  • The journey that people seek varies from one person to the next. The list is endless. However, those who believe life is just a game will pursue an existence focused on pleasure and having fun. This begs the question: What is true happiness? To help answer these questions, imagine the following scenario: While reading this, you are sedated against your will. Suddenly you wake up and find yourself on a plane.

    The food is heavenly. The seat is a flatbed, designed for a luxurious, comfortable experience. The entertainment is limitless. The service is out of this world. You start to use all of the excellent facilities. Time starts to pass.

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    Now think for a moment, and ask yourself the question: Would I be happy? How could you be? You would need some questions answered first.

    Who sedated you? How did you get on the plane? Where are you heading? If these questions remained unanswered, how could you be happy? Even if you started to enjoy all of the luxuries at your disposal, you would never achieve true happiness. Would a frothy Belgian chocolate mousse on your dessert tray be enough to drown out the questions? It would be a delusion, a temporary, fake type of happiness, only achieved by deliberately ignoring these critical questions.

    Now apply this to your life and ask yourself, am I happy? Our coming into existence is no different to being sedated and thrown on a plane. We never chose our birth, our parents or where we come from.

    Life is a Game

    Yet some of us do not ask the questions or search for the answers that will help us achieve our ultimate goal of happiness. Where does true happiness lie? Inevitably, if we reflect on the previous example, happiness really lies in answering key questions about our existence. Unlike animals, we cannot be content by reacting to our instincts. Obeying our hormones and mere physical needs will not bring happiness. To understand why, reflect on another example:. Imagine you were one of 50 human beings locked in a small room with no means of exit.

    There are only 10 loaves of bread, and there is no more food for another days.

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    What do you all do? If you follow your animalistic instincts, there will be blood. Extend this example to your life. Your life has many more variables, which can result in almost an infinite number of outcomes. Yet, some of us just follow our carnal needs. Our jobs may require Ph. Happiness cannot be achieved unless we find out who we really are. However, under the view that life is just a game these questions do not have any real answers.

    Why are we here? Just for fun.