Bressay oil field north sea oil

Bressay oil field north sea oil

North Sea Heavy Oil is of Strategic Importance CAPTAIN North Sea Heavy Oil Province MARINER first oil Bressay, discovered , 10–12 oAPI, reviewing development •Oil mobility similar to other North Sea heavy-oil fields •Proven sustainable commercial flow rates with. Statoil outlines plans for Mariner, Bressay fields in UK North Sea. Statoil and its partners Eni and Nautical Petroleum have selected a development concept for the Mariner heavy oil field project in the northern UK North Sea. Located kilometers from the Shetland Islands, these heavy crude oil fields are concentrated together with Statoil Mariner and Enquest Kraken in the middle of the North Sea along the boarder with the Norwegian territorial waters. In Bressay, Statoil and Shell are sharing the working interests in such a way: – Statoil % is the operator.

The Norwegian company became the operator of the Bressay field in and it holds After several media reports saying that Statoil is postponing the development of Bressay field, Offshore Energy Today reached out to the Norwegian company seeking confirmation of these reports. We have made significant progress through innovative solutions, and achieved substantial improvements in the business case, compared to earlier development concepts.

Bressay oil field north sea oil

Statoil and partner Shell have therefore decided to halt the current concept selection process. The Mariner field development continues, and we are actively pursuing opportunities to increase value creation from the Mariner area.

The Bressay heavy oil field was first discovered in , but a combination of technical and commercial challenges has resulted in the long period to mature the discovery to development.

Bressay oil field north sea oil

The Bressay discovery stretches over four licences. One of them, P, was due to expire in July and is now extended to December The company said that, through the work on the subsea solution, the level of costs had been significantly reduced.

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Aker Solutions has secured an order from Statoil to provide a concept study for a floating, production, storage and Statoil has received an approval from the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority to perform modifications necessary By advertising your job here, on the homepage of OffshoreEnergyToday.

For more information, click below Statoil, a Norwegian oil and gas giant, is reportedly moving towards presenting a proposal on how to develop its Statoil has awarded IKM Testing, a Norwegian supplier to the oil and gas industry, a contract for commissioning Share this article.

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Statoil, Repsol complete Norway, U. Statoil to adjust Kristin for Maria tie-in Statoil has received an approval from the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority to perform modifications necessary Looking to fill a job opening? Statoil soon to put Castberg proposal on the table?

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