Fruit light bulb research paper

Fruit light bulb research paper

Problem/Question Can fruit with citric acid produce enough electricity to power a small LED light bulb? light bulb we used was a 8 volt light. If Research Electricity In this experiment, it deals a lot with electricity. A transfer of electrons takes place between the zinc nail and the acid from the fruit. The nails act as poles for the battery, one positive and one negative. Electrons travel from the positive pole to the negative pole via the light bulb wire (the conductor), generating enough electricity to light the bulb. Background Research an acid that can be used to produce electricity. If you want to light a light bulb, than you will a lot of citrus. Zinc To conduct this you need zinc. The zinc helps the electricity flow. The metal is a conductor for the electricity. It allows the electricity to go from the citrus fruit to the other citrus fruit. would generate enough electricity to light a light bulb and to discover which fruit would light the bulb the longest. To conduct my experiments I used a Multimeter, copper and zinc wires & electrodes, alligator clips with leads, various light bulbs and five types of fruits. In my experiment, I measured the voltage generated by different fruits. Dec 12,  · Vegetable Power. Science project. Vegetable Power. by Crystal Beran The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether there is enough energy stored in a fruit or a vegetable to power an LED light. This experiment can be taken further to determine how long a fruit or vegetable can power an LED for. LED light bulb; Assorted fresh /5().

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Fruit light bulb research paper

Help Login Sign Up. To determine which fruits will generate enough electricity to light a light bulb and to see which fruit will light a bulb the longest.

Fruit light bulb research paper

I think that citrus fruit can produce electricity but not enough to light a light bulb of 1. My experiment was to see of you could produce electricity from fruits. I got electricity out of grapefruits, lemons, limes, and bananas.

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  • It took me about an hour or two to get this experiment but to get all the typing and to decorate my board it will probably take me about 2 hours.

    I have also found out that certain fruits contain substances such as ascorbic acid, citric acid, and NADH. The fruit with the citric acid is the type of fruit I used.

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    When connect fruit in parallel, it gives you a higher current. Connect the fruit in series arrangement it increase the voltage. Which fruits can power a light best from the acidic level in them..

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    Fruit light bulb research paper

    WriteWork contributors, "Which fruits can power a light best from the acidic level in them.