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I Just Wanna Be Average Words | 25 Pages “I Just Wanna Be Average" MIKE ROSE Mike Rose is anything but average: he has published poetry, scholarly research, a textbook, and two widely praised books on education in Amer­ica. I Just Wanna Be Average I just wanna be average is a book which highlights the plight of underprivileged in an education system. Through Mike Rose who started his schooling in a vocational education tract, dealing with teachers and trainers who were incompetent and lacked interest in Author: Dianafahey. In the article "I Just Wanna Be Average," Mike Rose illustrates the story in a manner that compels the reader, to view his story as reality. In order to build this credibility, the author uses the first person narrative. This technique enhances his argument because people are less. I Just Wanna Be Average Rhetorical and Style Questions 1. Rose, Mike. “I Just Wanna Be Average” 50 Essays A Portable Anthology 3rd Edition. Ed. Samuel Cohen. Bedford/St. Martin’s. Pages Print. Posted by Mary Ellen's AP Blog at AM. Email This BlogThis!Author: Mary Ellen's AP Blog. "I Just Wanna Be Average" Questions The opening paragraph serves the purpose of setting the scene and establishing some of the characters as the narrator is traveling to Our Lady of Mercy school. The narrator says, "The rides were long but were livened up by a group of South L.A. veterans whose parents also thought that Hope had set up shop in the west end of the country."Author: Katie's AP Lang Blog.

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What purpose does the opening paragraph serve? The opening paragraph serves to introduce the context to which his arguments evidence, his personal anecdotes, are set in.

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  • It also helps introduce where it all began for the author. It sets up the beginning of his journey through the vocational track. When Rose describes the actions of Brother Dill, how does he convey the immediacy and insensitivity of this experience without making acerbic or critical comments about Brother Dill?

    I Just Wanna Be Average

    Would a negative tone have lessened the impact of the incident on you are a reader? I think that a negative tone would have lessened the impact of the incident because I think it would be excessive. The incident speaks for itself.

    What kind of detail does Rose use in his characterization of the other vocational education students? He goes to great lengths to describe them as wholly he man beings rather than just as those stuck on the vocational track.

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    I believe that he did this in order to show that these kids are more than their grades. How does Rose characterize his own response to vocational education? Does he try to evoke sympathy from his readers?

    What is he trying to evoke? Rose's argument is that students will float to the mark you set, and so he talks about how he did that.

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    Because he was in the vocational track he floated down to that mark. Once he was out of the vocational track he rose to the new mark.

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  • I think he tries to invoke sympathy for all those on the vocational track. In paragraphs 21, 22, and 23, why does Rose go into such detail about problem-solving?

    What is his purpose? His purpose is to show the flaws in the vocational track system. This in an example for his argument that is not a direct anecdote form his youth.

    What impact would deleting it have had on the story Rose is telling or the argument he is making? I believe that Rose's description of his father's deterioration is appropriate because it shows his struggles while in high school, and it also makes Mr.

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    By deleting it, you would lose the context for the importance of Mr. How does Rose intertwine them so the overall descriptions have coherence? The descriptions from the young man's view are the ones that are complementary toward Mr.

    I Just Wanna be Average by Mike Rose - Essay Example

    MacFarland, in almost a too perfect light. His point of view is shrouded by nostalgia for that time. As an adult, he can look back and objectively and see all he's learned. He intertwines them by having his adult looking back descriptions follow his young self's descriptions. Rarely does Rose step out from the narration and state his point explicitly.

    An Analysis of Article "I Just Wanna Be Average" by Mike Rose

    Why not? Would you classify this essay as more of a memoir or an argument?

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    Rose does not step out of his narration and state his point explicitly because he is making his argument as an adult, by drawing on personal experiences from his childhood. His narration is his main form of evidence and fodder for his argument.

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    While he does uses anecdotes quite a bit, he is using it as evidence. By using anecdotes he creates two speakers for his argument, the kid experiencing it and the adult looking back on it. How would you characterize the style of this essay?

    Rather than using a single word, describe it with a phrase that captures the different levels of diction.

    Extract of sample "I Just Wanna be Average by Mike Rose"

    I would characterize the style of the essay as a memoir based argument. Rose, Mike. Samuel Cohen. Pages No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.