Social psychology definition paper essays

Social psychology definition paper essays

Essay Social Psychology: Psychology And Psychology Social psychology is a fascinating topic that has provided a great deal of research on how people conduct themselves in groups. Social psychologists are interested in how people impact and are impacted by other people, social settings, and social environments. Social Psychology Definition Paper Social Psychology Definition Paper Social psychology is fairly new, and an important aspect of human psychology. This paper will define social psychology and how it differs from other disciplines, such as clinical psychology, general psychology, and sociology. Nov 12,  · Social psychology definition paper. Social psychology requires research and experimentation to learn and effectively answer the questions that plague human society. Research in every field needs to have a strong foundation of research and development, and social psychology is science-based making research an essential aspect of this field. Psychology Essay - Social psychology is the scientific study of how we affect each other by anything from what we say or do, to the simple act of our presence Toggle navigation Home. Social Psychology is the discipline of psychology, includes the scientific method to explain the influence of imagined, actual and implied presence of other human beings on .

In this essay we will discuss about Social Psychology. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Historical Background of Social Psychology 2. Definition of Social Psychology 3. Field, Scope, Aim and Problems 4. Relationship with Other Sciences 5. Applying Social Psychology 6. Status of Social Psychology in India. Social Psychology, being a branch of General Psychology, Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Plato talked a lot about this.

Social Psychology Definition Paper

Though social psychology did not exist then, people talked about things which came under the fold of social psychology. So he explains human behaviour in terms of the influences of the society. According to All-port speculation about social behaviour has continued since the days of antiquity. Thomas Hobbes a political thinker and philosopher well known for his theory of social contact views that man being essentially selfish talks in terms of himself and is engaged in his selfish interest.

Social psychology definition paper essays

Thus conflict arises between man and society. On the other hand, society is there to control him even though it sprung up from the utter selfishness of the individual. Quite opposite to the view of Hobbes, Russeu a political thinker of human nature opined that man is unselfish and thinks in terms of others. According to him conflict in the society is the result of civilization.

Essay about Definition of Psychology

Social scientists tried to deal with the problems relating to human behaviour. Herbert Spencer talked of different stages of human behaviour from evolutional point of view. He talked of several stages in the development of human behaviour and one pattern of behaviour becomes the succession of previous one.

Social psychology definition paper essays

Human beings develop behaviour which are the character of a particular stage. Towards the end of the 19th century some sociologists in France were working upon problems which are of fundamental importance to social psychology. Gabriel Trade, one great social psychologist speaks how important is socialization in human life.

He talked a lot of law of limitation which is one of the several fundamental problems of social psychology. French sociologist LeBon did lot of work on the analysis of crowd mentality.

The study of crowd and group mind WQS then the most important subject matter of social psychology. LeBon found that there is a significant difference between the reaction of an individual in a group situation and in a lone situation. People at that time thought the individual mind different from the group mind.

The concept of group mind, crowd mind and collective mind came into existence during this period. Psychologists and sociologists thus thought social psychology can explain every human behaviour with the concept of group and collective phenomena.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Durkheim also talked a good deal on the relations of individual and society. He held that the individual has no separate existence except as a member of the society. Thus naturally the problem of relation between individual and society came to wide prominence.

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  • Field man holds that social psychology did not really emerge as a science until the very end of the 19th century. Norman Triplett conducted the first laboratory experiment on the social facilitation to investigate how performance alone in a given task was inferior to performance in the presence of others or in a group situation. After 11 years the first two American Text books fully dedicated to Social Psychology were published. In E. Ross published his first book on Social Psychology.

    Definition of Social Psychology

    McDougall who is widely known for his theory of instincts indicated in this book how a particular instinct is responsible for a particular behaviour. Gradually towards , in Germany many people began to start working upon human behaviour in lone and group situations. Experimental method got its scope in the field of social psychology as well. The behaviour of the individual in different situations were experimented and studied.

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  • Since a number of people were doing the same experiment one had to think in terms of the other as the performance of different experimenters were to be compared. This feeling was aroused in each and every subject working on such problems. While in a lone situation the subject may not be influenced by anybody as he thinks and works only in terms of himself, in a group situations he has to think in terms of others guided by factors relating to group behaviour.

    Difference between group and lone situation was noticed by comparing the performances and output under these two situations. Some people were working on problems like competition and rivalry and Moode is one of them.

    Tomes, Zanicke were also doing experimental studies on such problems of social importance because of the introduction of experimental method in social psychology. The progress gradually became more rapid and a large number of books were published on social psychology. Many journals exclusively devoted themselves to publication of articles on social psychology. Specially F. All port did a lot of work by introducing the concept of social facilitation or collective mind. Thus between to Sherif and Lewin came to lime light in the realm of social psychology with their work on the transmission of social norms and application of social psychological experimental techniques to social problems.

    In the s and s there was an increasing orientation towards practical issues of social psychological problems like the study of prejudice, group behaviour, propaganda stereotype and attitude change.

    In s thus there has a shift of interest towards ultra individual social processes and away from inter individual process. This led to a lot of research work on attribution which refers to the process by which one makes inferences regarding the causes of others behaviour.

    Thus in s social cognition became the important area of work. It seems that in s social psychologists were moving backward to a problem solving orientation. Of late, social psychology is having greater influence on areas related to every ones lives so to say like medical care, law, business, arms negotiation, reduction of international tensions and cold war and many other important topics.

    Essay on Social Psychology

    Also theoretical researches are being done on social psychology. According to Resemberg and Gara , Oskamp , both purely theoretical and applied research are seen as part of the mainstream of social psychology currently. Experimental studies were accelerated for years together to explain the fact that group situations produce different effects in the behaviour of participating individuals.

    Under the impact of sociological findings on groups, the experience and behaviour of the individual in actual group situations and in his culture were studied. Emphasis was put on the emerging qualities and products in group situations.

    Social psychology definition paper essays

    The study of structural properties typical to the group became the core of group studies. Problems like group morale, attitude, leadership, which are so important also were investigated by that time.

    Social Psychology And Social Influence

    The intergroup and intragroup relations were also studied. Social psychology is defined by Ottoklienbrterg as the scientific study of the behaviour of the individuals as related to other individuals. These other individuals may influence the single individual or the group in a global way. Thus the behaviour of any individual is socially determined. Kimballyoung while defining social psychology has emphasised the effect of social interaction interaction between different individuals on the mental process and personality development of individuals which is a very vital point.

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    All port has tried to approach social psychology from the angle of behaviour of individuals in their relations to other individuals and in social situations. He opines that social psychology is the study of behaviour of individuals in their relations to other individuals and in social situation.

    Murphy says that social psychology is the study of the way in which the individual becomes a member of and functioning into social group. Kretch and Crutchfield say that social psychology is the science of behaviour of the individuals in the society. The whole individual as well as his total behaviour in a social situation is emphasised by them.

    Mathur defines social psychology as the scientific study of the behaviour of an individual when he comes in contact with the other individuals or interacts with any social group or groups or is confronted with some social situation in which he participates consciously or unconsciously. Kupuswamy has opined that social psychology attempts to study the characteristics of various forms of social behaviour. Social Psychology studies the behaviour of the individual in relation to the society or group and not the society or group itself.

    In brief it deals with thinking, feeling and acting of the individual in the society. An analysis of all these definitions would indicate that in all these definitions, study of the interaction of the individual with the society is emphasized. Briefly it can be said that social psychology is the study of psychology of the individual when confronted in a social situation.

    It basically deals.

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    Social behaviour may also arise indirectly through the medium of symbols. Social psychology is therefore a basic social science in that it is concerned with every aspect and total behaviour of the individual in the society. It may therefore be appropriate to define social psychology as the science of social behaviour of the individual where social behaviour indicates behaviour arising out of the interaction with the other members in the society.

    What is a social situation and what is a social behaviour? A social situation includes various types of stimuli, like visual, auditory, and tactual and the attitudes, values and past experiences of the individual that colour the perceptions of these stimuli present in the society.

    Thus, the stimulus may be same for all members of a group.

    Definition of Psychology

    But the reactions may vary as attitude, value, need and past experiences are unique for a particular individual and vary from person to person. Hence the social behaviour is determined by the physical stimuli present in the environment, as well as by need, past experiences, social rules and social codes, traditions and customs, cultural factors etc.

    Like other scientists social psychologists currently rely heavily on the same basic methods to understand social behaviour. Thus, the overall approach of social psychology is clearly a scientific one.

    Like any other science it deals with a general set of methods and techniques that can be used to study diverse topics coming under the scope of social psychology. Social psychologists have been interested to focus most of their attention and choice upon the actions and thoughts of individuals in social situations.

    No doubt such behavioural actions almost always occur in a group situation, when group means more than one person with some common interest. But the major interest of social psychologists is to understand and acquaint themselves with factors that shape, mould and direct the action of individual human beings in a wide range of social situations.

    They are also actively interested to know how their action, feeling, thought, attitude and learning are shaped with respect to other individuals. Biological factors which refer to inherited aspects of our physical appearance and innate capacity of the person to process social information also affect and influence key aspects of behaviour in many situations.